Intense Weekend Heat –Busy Tropics – Eclipse Forecast – Friday Video

Good Morning! Action packed video. Dangerous heat this weekend, and probably not many storms.  Harvey in the tropics and two other players.  Plus, what about the cloud situation on Eclipse Monday.  I have crammed a lot of great information into your quick Friday morning personal weather briefing.  Hope you can spare a couple of minutes to watch, with your toast & coffee this morning


Intense Heat today across a Multi-state area.


No end in sight to the intense heat next several days.  Rain chances relatively small, but not zero.

Eclipse Cloud Forecast Map below will give you an idea of what areas in our region could have the most issues with potential cloud cover Monday.

Intense Heat Heat Indices Monday while folks are outside viewing the  eclipse.

Tropics getting very busy.  Tropical Storm Harvey coming into the Windward Island’s today… But invest 92-L, could be the one to watch for the SE US and the Gulf.

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