Cold Front Later This Week – And, Irma’s Threat to the US Has Increased

Happy Labor day.  I’ll get to the Irma news in a moment.  First, a quiet and nice Labor Day forecast for us.  Sunshine will dominate.  It’s going to be hot on this unofficial end to summer, with a high near 90.  Radar should be quiet.  If you have maybe outdoor BBQ plans…or a trip to the Lake…should be a good day. Showers and thunderstorms will be back in the forecast on Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning as an important cold front moves through the area.  This front will bring a big change to our weather, with sparkling Canadian air, lower humidity, cooler nights.  How about 50’s on Wednesday and Thursday night?!  This will be a nice change.  This is what we’ve been waiting for.

IRMA GETTING STRONGER:  I’m afraid that the Irma news has gotten a little more serious.  The storm is growing stronger and the future steering mechanism which would hopefully steer Irma away from the US may not cooperate.   Thus, the threat to the Bahamas and the United States has increased.   The NHC has adjusted their “cone” to the left, and all of the global models are now adjusted left.

IRMA THIS MORNING:  Air Force RECON aircraft in Irma this morning indicates the storm is growing stronger, as the pressure drops and the winds increase.   At 7AM, the Recon reports that winds have increased to 12omph, pressure 947mbs., moving WSW at 14 mph.


GLOBAL MODELS:  Those of you who regularly watch theses posts…know that the model trends shift all the time.  Although today’s news for the US is not good, we are still just under a week away, and the tracks will continue to shift.  I would say this:  Nobody in the southeastern US or the Eastern US should relax.  Not even those of us on the Gulf coast.  All of us should watch the future track of Irma carefully.   Be careful, as you view these spaghetti tracks.  These are not carved in stone. These will continue to shift.

I will be up bright and early in the morning to prepare your Tuesday morning video.  I’ll have the latest on our forecast for the week ahead and fresh news on Irma and her potential affect on the US.  My alarm goes off at 1:35AM, your video will be online by about 4:45AM.  Have a great holiday!






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