Extremely Dangerous Irma’s Future Unknown – Tuesday Video

Our big news, locally, is a cold front on the way which will first bring the threat of showers and then some very nice air. But, we have bigger fish to fry on this morning’s very important video. The future of Irma’s threat to the United States.Winds have increased to 150 mph. So many unanswered questions. I have the latest on Irma’s strength and potential track, as everybody wonders where this monster is headed. Is it a Gulf storm? Florida, east of Florida? I hope you have time to watch this video this morning.


Winds in extremely dangerous Irma have reached 150 mph, as it continues westward toward the Windward Islands, then the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, what happens after Day 3 is unknown.  Will it be a Gulf storm?  Florida?  Atlantic?   We don’t know.  Models keep shifting left or slightly westward.  That’s disturbing.

Our weather:  Cold Front on the way will bring showers and thunderstorms late tonight and first half of the day Wednesday…followed by some really nice air.  Our forecast after Saturday really depends on the future of the Hurricane.

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