Random Summer Storms are Back

There are about 5 days officially left in Summer.  You wouldn’t know that from our forecast.  It will be a very typical summer day.  Heat, humidity, scattered, random, PM storms will be around.  Like yesterday, some towns will get a heavy downpours, other towns will not.  We had a high of 93 yesterday.  Today I think we’ll be around 88-90.  Not much change in the next few days.  Some hot days are on the weather menu, despite the fact it’s September.  It’s going to be a hot day for football today in Auburn and Tuscaloosa, and we can’t rule out a heavy downpour perhaps.  Your odds of getting wet are about 50% or so.

Here’s Future Radar today.  It gives you a good sense of how random the storms will be.

THE TROPICS:  Jose is grabbing a lot of attention because it has gotten a little stronger, with winds back at 80 mph.  The track has shifted westward again.  The NHC cone now grazes part of the east coast, and later today and tropical storm watch could be required for parts of the coast from North Carolina northward.  Jose could have an encounter with the US coastline this week.

Meanwhile, the system I am most interest in, which could have a future impact on the Southeast United States is Invest 96-L, in the Tropical Atlantic.   Not so concerned about T.D. 14, because I think that system may fizzle in the far east Atlantic.

Invest 96-L’s future is more interesting.  All three global models, suggest that 96-L could become a hurricane and perhaps be close to the US coastline within about 8-10 days.  We’re watching.

ON THIS DATE:  None of us will ever remember what happened here in Alabama 13 years ago today when Hurricane Ivan roared ashore in Gulf Shores at 1:50AM.  It changed a lot of our lives.  Power was out for days for some of us, for weeks for others.  Remember Ivan’s crazy track?  It looped around and became a tropical storm and hurricane again and was given it’s original name back.  A unique moment in hurricane history.

Greetings from Southern California, and specifically Orange County.  It’s the annual National Weather Association’s Conference, where we catch up on the science and the developing technology.  Meteorologists from around the country are here, and not just broadcasters.  Today is more of a tourist day for me. Looks like Disneyland.  Work starts bright an early Sunday morning at 7:45AM for an all day session with broadcasters.   Have a great Saturday.  I’ll talk to you later…



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