Unwanted Holiday Weekend Visitor from the Tropics – Thursday Video

..Get ready for an unwanted visitor over the Holiday weekend, which could have the name Alberto.  Maybe.  Still all eyes on Invest 90-L, which will enter the southern Gulf later today.  On this video, I have everything you need to know,  The models are now coming closer together on a solution.  I have latest on tracks, and possible strength, and the timeline.  It’ll be Holiday weekend spoiler for thousands, I’m afraid.  I’ll show you how much rain could fall.  Spoiler alert:  A lot.  Please take few minutes to watch this important video update.


Dense fog advisory till 9AM.  Otherwise, look for another day with better than normal rain chances.  Scattered to numerous showers & storms, especially this afternoon and this evening.

Rain chances will be rather high, to say the least through Tuesday.  Perhaps particularly heavy Sunday through Tuesday.

The beach forecast is simply awful.  All the beaches.  Terrible news for the Memorial Day weekend.

National Hurricane has raised the probability that Invest 90-L will become a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Alberto over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend in the central or eastern Gulf.


The Global models vary.  The GFS is still farther est east of the two major global models.  The Euro is still the farther west on it’s tracks.  BUT, the models are now coming closer together.

Simply put, rainfall amounts will be excessive through Tuesday, especially closer to the coast.  Here’s two model examples on possible amounts.  The Euro is much more aggressive.





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