Alberto’s Direct Impact on Alabama – Special Sunday Video


NHC Update 10AM CDT. Winds in #Albertohave increased to 50 mph, moving north at 14 mph. 185 miles SSE of Apalachicola. The new cone, again nudged slightly eastward. Expected landfall now looking like tomorrow morning, rather than the afternoon, along the NW Florida coast, then moving northward into Alabama. #alwx #flwx

Tropical Storm Warning now covers several south and SE Alabama counties


This Special Sunday update I’ll bring you up to date on Alberto’s future path and timeline.  And, specifically we’ll look at the direct impact Alberto will have on us, as it crawls northward on Memorial Day and Tuesday.  Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video and feel free to share this .


Sub-tropical Storm Alberto, before dawn, was located 330 miles south of Apalachicola, and is getting a little better organized.  It will gradually acquire more tropical characteristics during the next 24 hours.

Latest NHC forecast cone has been, once again, nudged about 30 miles eastward.  Timeline remains about the same.

Close up of the cone shows landfall Monday afternoon along the central Florida panhandle, then on into south Alabama.  Notice at 1AM Tuesday, it’s still a full fledged tropical storm with 40-50 mph winds in south Alabama south of Montgomery, lifting slowly northward.


Alberto will have multiple direct impacts on our weather tomorrow, including flash flooding potential, 30 to 45 mph winds which could bring down tree limbs and small trees, and the threat for spin up tornadoes.

Tomorrow the main tornado threat will be from about i-65 eastward, covering much of east and SE Alabama.  It will begin to shift slowly northward on Tuesday.

Potentially excessive rainfall totals expected, including up to 9″ on the coast, and even 4-6″ amounts well into central Alabama.

Our rain chances will remain very high from tonight through Tuesday especially.  But, even Wednesday and Thursday, the risk of scattered thundershowers will remain, but Alberto will be long gone.

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