Hot Last Week of Summer – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  As the lingering affects of Florence continue to haunt the Carolinas, our weather continues to sizzle.  We’ve been in the middle 90’s for the last 3 days with triple digit heat indices and that pattern will continue with hardly storms in the region.  How long will this pattern last?  Are there any signs of relief?  Plus, remember Isaac in the Caribbean.  Could the remnants of Isaac make a comeback in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico?  Some models say yes.  I’ll tell you what we know about Isaac’s potential future.


Middle 90’s for the 4th day in a row today.  Heat index 100-105.  Rain chance under 10%.

Mostly hot and dry through Wednesday.  Isolated storms perhaps Thursday.  Scattered PM storms return Friday and Saturday.


Tropical Depression Florence has crossed over the border into SW Virginia, headed for the Northeast with heavy rains.  A multitude of problems continue in the Carolinas as catastrophic river flooding is due to only get worse.

Could there be life after death for Isaac?  Some models say MAYBE.   Currently a luster of storms in the Caribbean, conditions for development in the Gulf are better with less wind shear and warm waters.  We’ll see.



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