Any Heat Relief in sight? – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning! Rain chances are small, but not zero today.  A few lucky towns may get a cooling shower, like yesterday.  How long will the blazing heat stick around?   I’ll update your forecast through the weekend, including the return of spotty showers. And, we’ll look at the distant horizon for signs of the first meaningful cool front of the season. There IS hope.  And, are the remnants of Isaac anything we should worry about in this part of the world?  We’ll cover it all on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


A tiny “weakness” in the upper atmosphere may be just enough to produce a handful of showers for some lucky communities today, but most towns will stay dry with more intense heat.

The blazing heat rolls on an on.  Rain chances do get “slightly” better by late week and the weekend.

Fall officially begins Saturday evening at 8:54 PM


Is Isaac finally dead?  NHC now gives the remnants of Isaac a 0% chance of redevelopment.  It’s now a tropical Wave moving westward.

It’s fun to look at the distant future.  Don’t take this to the bank yet, but the GFS shows a meaningful cool front making it into Alabama around September 28th.   Will it happen?  Well, it’s nice to dream.  We will continue to track it.

Look what it could do to late month temps., with lower humidity and cooler nights.  🙂  Just a possibility…

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