September Heatwave Continues – Looking for Relief – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!   Everybody’s asking.. “When will we see some relief?”  The relentless September heatwave continues.  On this video, we’ll look at the next few days for some signs of relief.  We may have to settle for scattered “liquid relief” in the short term.  But, in the longer term, I’ll show you a late September front that offer some hope of some nice relief.  Plus, I have the latest news from the tropics on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


Upper Heatwave High over us means rain chances are small and the intense late season heat continues.

More hot days are on the menu.  Rain chances get just a tad better by Friday and Saturday.  Rain chances are a notch higher early next week.

Hope continues for some “frontal relief” with a cool front probably arriving around that last weekend of September.  Now two important global models agree on this idea.

The GFS suggest some nice relief with lower humidity and nicer temps as September ends and October starts.


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