Chilly Week – Big Weekend Storm System – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Bundle up.  It’s a cold December morning.  Highs today will stay in the 40’s.  We’re headed for the 20’s tonight.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to the approach of a significant weekend storm system, which could affect a lot of events.  I have an updated on the timing, how rain could fall, and I’ll show you who could get snow from this system.  This storm system will be a big headline maker as far as how much snow could blanket parts of the south.


Very cold December day.  Highs in the 40’s  Low tonight in the 20’s.

The next big deal event is this weekend storm system with a cold drenching rain, followed by even colder air by Monday.

The storm system coming out of the plains will sweep across the south and make a lot of headlines with drenching cold rain for us, which could have a big affect on a lot of weekend Christmas events.

Rainfall for many of us could reach 2-3″ with heavier amounts across South Alabama.

But this storm system will be remembered as a prolific snow producer for the south.

This is the Anniversary of one of Montgomery’s biggest snowfall hands down.  Eleven inches of snow in 24 hours.  Biggest ever recorded in one storm.  Biggest ever in a month.  Biggest ever in a year.  Back in those days, the Weather Bureau was located at the Dexter Ave. Post office.


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