Getting Hotter and Hotter Next Few Days – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our nice, cool start to this week is fading.  It’s only May, but it will start feeling more and more like summer every day, right on through the weekend and beyond.  There may even be a pop up “heat of the day” shower here and there today.  I’ll show you future radar.  We’ll not only update the details of the weekend, I’ll show you what could be a rather Hot Week next week, as that summer pattern starts to engulf the state.


While all the ACTIVE weather stays well north of Alabama, there could be a couple of isolated, “pop-up” random PM storms.

Getting hotter and hotter over the weekend and a little more humidity, too.  Feeling more and more like summer.

Excellent weekend Beach forecast.

Really spectacular space station flyover (ISS) Friday evening,  Almost passing overhead, and very bright.   There’s even another one Saturday night in the SE sky at 8:26 pm.  Very bright.



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