FRIDAY BLOG UPDATE – Isolated Storms Today – Weekend, Getting Hotter

Good Morning! Random Thunderstorm Season has arrived.  Yesterday, some if those isolated storms put on quite a show, with lots of lightning, gusty winds, and very heavy downpours.  (There were even some trees downed in Tallapoosa county)

And yet, MOST towns stayed dry.  Not a drop.  That’s the way it will work again today.  The upper disturbance which sparkled yesterday’s storms could touch off more random, isolated storms today.  After today, I have the rain chances smaller tomorrow.   The big news is about the hotter temperatures, and increasing humidity.  It will feel like summer this weekend, and we have a HOT week ahead next week.  Are you ready for summer?   Ready or now, here it comes.

TODAY:   High in the upper 80’s.  A Good bit of sunshine again.  And, just a a typical day in June, July or August, random, isolated “heat of the day” storms will again fire-up.  Your chances of seeing one are only about 20%.  BUT, a couple of the storms, like yesterday, could put on a show!  Lots of lightning, gusty winds, heavy downpours.  Low tonight 66.

Don’t take this to “the Bank”, but here’s one Future Radar model, which like the idea of the better rain chances East of I-65 and South of I-85.  That doesn’t mean it will happen that way.  These warm weather storms have “no rhyme or reason”.

THE NEXT FEW DAYS:  Feeling more and more like summer!  High Saturday getting close to 90, upper 80’s Sunday and Monday…and near 90 or above starting Tuesday.  A “fizzling” approaching front will bring a small chance of storms by Sunday evening, and a better chance daytime Monday.  Then, back to a rather dry pattern starting in the middle of the week…and HOT.

BEACH FORECAST:  If this is your weekend for the Beach, the news if GOOD.  Rain chances will be small to none.  (20% chance by Sunday afternoon).  Highs in the low to mid 80’s.  Gulf water is now at a season high 80.  Many folks are headed down to the Hangout Music festival in Gulf Shores!   Have a great time.

I’m taking a brief road trip today, BUT, you’ll still here my forecast on the 8 Bluewater Radio stations, twice and hour.

(And, Live, this morning, on NewsTalk 93.1 this morning and Live on CBS8/ABC32 at 5:50)

AND, There will be another blog update Saturday and Sunday morning.  Hope you have a nice weekend!


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