Big Heat Returning – Storms Thin Out – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  As storms thin out in number, the heat is returning in a big way.  We’ll look at some very hot mid and late week temperatures.  Looks like those dreaded words: ‘triple digit heat indices’.  We’ll be back.  But, I have updated the rain chance for the weekend.  Could we better rain chances?  And, what about the prospects for a rare summer ‘cool front’ next week?  I’ll cover it all for you on your Tuesday morning weather briefing.

Storms thin out today…as the heat builds…


Mid and late week…triple digit heat indices are back.

Another big heatwave high will dominate much of the eastern US by mid and late week.

HOT HOT HOT through much of the week ahead.  Showers will be few and far between, until this weekend when storms will become more numerous.




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