Triple Digit Heat Indices – Showers Scarce – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!   The rain chances are not zero today, but there won’t be many showers on the radar this afternoon.  The big story again today and tomorrow is the heat – with Triple Digit Heat Indices again.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to better rain chances by the weekend.  And, we’re still watching the approach of a  ‘cool’ front into Alabama next week.  But, the question remains…will the front be able to make it all the way through the state?  New model runs are not conclusive.

Another very HOT day today.  Triple digit Heat Index.  Showers will be scarce.

Good news…  The chance of seeing some cooling downpours will get a better Friday through the weekend and much better rain chances next week.

Showers will become a little more numerous by the weekend.  Please watch the Beach Flags.  It’s been a difficult week for the Rip Current.  Lots of water rescues.






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