Rain Chances Will Be Improving – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!   The heat is the big story again today, but rain chances are a little better today and will be getting better.  Rain chances tomorrow and over the weekend will get a lot better, which is great news for Alabama.  In fact, the better than normal rain chances will continue through the early part of the week.  I’ll show you how much rain could fall.  Will a ‘cool front’ deliver brief relief to the state next week?  The answer is at least MAYBE.


The Remnants of Barry are still on the map near Pittsburgh.   Today, our rain chances get slightly better than yesterday.  The Heat Index will be above 100 again.

Rain chances are a lot higher than normal from this weekend through early next week.

Potential rainfall totals over the week ahead look promising.

Will a rare summer front make it all the way down to the coast?   It’s certainly possible – next week.


IF the clouds cooperate, there will be a truly EXCELLENT Space Station (ISS) flyover tonight.



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