Better Rain Chance Next Few Days – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!   Showers and storms will be in greater supply today and over the weekend.  And, with a front approaching the state, as the new week begins, we’ll see decent rain chance as the front tries to move through the state.  On this video, I have updated your rain chance for the next five days.  We’ll look at how much rain could fall.  We need the rain!  Also, an update on the weekend Beach Forecast and we’ll check the tropics, too.



An Upper Air Disturbance will begin enhancing our rain chances today and over the weekend.

Decent rain chances over thew weekend, and again on Tuesday, as a front enters the state and moves southward.

Tuesday ‘cool’ front will bring better rain chances, BUT, will the front move all the way to the coast?  That’s extremely rare in the summer.


Many folks are praying for rain.  The prospects for some decent rain totals are looking goof through next Thursday.

With that trough in the upper atmosphere effecting our forecast, there will be better rain chances down at the coast today and over the weekend, but not a washout.

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