WEDNESDAY VIDEO: Chill Will Fade – Late Week Storm System

Good morning!  It’s another very cold Winter’s morning.  At least Wind Chill is not a big factor today.  Changes are on the way. Temperatures start to moderate today.  Our next storm system will bring showers into the state by tomorrow.  On this video, I’ll update you on a faster storm system timetable.  The weekend forecast continues to improve.  What’s next?  Are we done with arctic air for awhile?


After an Arctic Cold morning, temperatures will start to moderate this afternoon.  The 50’s start to sound good.

The timetable is now faster on our late week storm system.  Showers could arrive as early as lunchtime.  The front will exit the state Friday morning and that’ll shut off the rain chance.

After the storm system exits Friday morning, that should set the stage for a dry weekend, and fairly mild for this time of year.

Here’s the next storm system, about 8 days from now…


Could the Arctic Floodgates open again in the next two weeks?   SO FAR, the models are not seeing any arctic air.

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