Rain Moves Out Today – Sunshine Returns – Beautiful Weekend – THURSDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  Hang on… Alabama’s weather is about to get much better soon.  That low pressure storm system along the Gulf coast  will move east of the area today.  The rain will come to an end by this afternoon, after days of relentless rain.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to brighter days as the sun returns.  We have a great weekend of weather ahead of us.  But, the question is…how long will the dry weather last?  When will our next wet pattern arrive?  We’ll look ahead into the middle of March for clues.



NOT done with the rain yet.  Morning showers and storms will be widespread.  But activity will gradually taper off this afternoon.

Not quite done with the rain yet.  Here’s potential additional rainfall today.

Simply Beautiful weekend forecast.   SUNSHINE is back.  More rain next week.

Here’s Doppler rainfall estimates of how much rain we have seen since the rain started this week.  Those grey and white areas are 4-5″+.

The Rivers in central Alabama are on the rise again.  For instance, the Alabama River at Montgomery is already above flood stage and still rising.

Wow.  Next week could feature MORE drenching rains across the Deep South.  Potential severe weather late next week.

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