April Cool Snap – Weekend Showers -WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Some very cool air for Mid-April is flowing into Alabama this morning.  Today’s high will remain in the 60’s.  Tonight we will be at least 10 degrees below normal.  This cool snap may not last long.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to late week warming, and I’ll fill you in on the return of showers and thunderstorms to our forecast over the weekend.


MUCH cooler today.  Only 60’s   But, colder tonight.  Jacket weather,

It’s late in the season for this kind of cool.

COLD tonight.  30’s north, lower 40’s central and south.

Coldest morning is Thursday morning.  Late week warning.  Showers and thunderstorms this weekend.


Could there be some strong to severe storms with this Sunday storm system.  The jury is out.  Maybe.  We’re watching it.

Tornado Surveys are ongoing following the big Easter Sunday tornado outbreak across the south.  So far two dozen tornadoes in Alabama and that number will go up.  Of the 48 tornadoes across the south surveyed so far…15 are STRONG tornadoes, EF-2 or stronger.  and ONE monster EF-4 in south Mississippi.

It was a week today when I got my new dog Chase!   On the left there he is on his first day at the station.  On the right, here on the couch this morning after a walk.



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