Generous Supply of Storms Next 2 Days – Fewer Weekend Storms – THURSDAY Video

Good morning!  Radar will be quite busy again today and Friday.  Showers and storms will blossom in the afternoon heat and become quite numerous, again.  But, it looks like there will be fewer storms over the weekend, as we edge closer to a “normal” summertime pattern. Storms will thin out.  I have adjusted the weekend rain chance for here and the Gulf coast.  Out in the Tropics, it still looks like Josephine will be named soon.  Is there anything else out there to worry about?


The stage is set for another active day.  Showers and storms will be quite numerous this afternoon and this evening.

Better than normal chance of storms by afternoon and evening.  Locally heavy downpours.

Numerous showers and storms Friday.  Showers and storms start to thin out in number over the weekend and early next week.

Storms will be numerous on the coast Friday and Saturday.  But, storms will tend to thin out by Sunday and Monday.

T.D. Eleven is CLOSE to Tropical Storms strength.  There’s a very good chance it will become Josephine Today.

Most ensemble model members show future Josephine curving into the Atlantic and missing the United States.

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