Better Rain Chance Ahead – Future Gulf Tropical Double Trouble? – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Needless to say, the elephant in the room involves the Tropics and possible double trouble next week.  Who could be in jeopardy?  The jury is certainly out on.  I’ll bring you up to date on what we know.  In the meantime, our daily rain chance is on the way up over the next few days.  What about the weekend?   I have adjusted the rain chance for the next 5 days.  Plus, the Beach Forecast.

Active radar today.  Generous supply of showers and storms.  A few could be strong with gusty winds.

Better rain chances next two days,  Highest chance Thursday & Friday.  Then the storms will start to taper off a but by Sunday & Monday.

Not exactly a pristine Weekend Beach Forecast.  Higher than normal chances you’ll run int an occasional thunderstorm.

Three systems lined up across the Caribbean and Tropical Atlantic being tracked by NHC.

The least system, 97-L with an 80% chance of developing soon into a depression or storm is a lower latitude system, moving in the general direction of the Yucatan.  98-L is very close to Depression or Storm status.  It will be a higher latitude system and potential trouble for the U.S. coastline.  New system coming off Africa.

More questions than answers.  Will the lead system target Mexico or Texas?   What about 98-L.  Could this system be a problem for the north central Gulf coast, or Florida and the Southeast coast?   It’s too early to say.  Stay tuned.

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