Sally’s Effects Will Fade Away – Comfortable Weekend Temperatures Ahead – THURSDAY Video

As Sally heads into Georgia today, there will be some lingering showers around her circulation, but the heavy rain and the gusty winds are gone.  Now, the focus will be on  a very comfortable last weekend of summer, with temperatures that will feel more like Fall…finally.  The tropics are still busy.  What is that in the southwest Gulf of Mexico?  Anything to worry about?


At 4AM Tropical Depression Sally was 50 miles SE f Montgomery moving NE at 12mph.

Lingering Sally effects today will be scattered light showers on the back side of T.D. Sally’s circulation.

Look at that comfortable last weekend of summer!   Nice temperatures.  Tiny rain chance.  Look at those upper 50’s Monday & Tuesday AM!

Elsewhere in the tropics Teddy is a major Hurricane, Vicky a Tropical Storm and there are three Invests out there including one i the Gulf.

Uh oh.  What’s that in the SW Gulf?  Invest 90-L has a very high probability of becoming a Tropical Cyclone as it meanders around the SW Gulf.  Should we be worried about it?

The models just don’t know what to do with Invest 90-L.  We’ll watch it closely.  Next name is Wilfred.  (Last name on the list)

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