MONDAY Update:   Perfect Memorial Day Forecast

Good morning!   It’s been a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend for us here in Alabama.  Today will be a nearly ideal holiday for here and the Gulf coast Beaches.  Sunshine.  Warm.  Dry.  Comfortable. You could not write a better forecast, on one of the biggest outdoor holidays of the year  —  the unofficial start of the summer season.  We’ll be in the mid 80’s today.   Upper 80’s return on Tomorrow and Wednesday.  Showers and storms return Wednesday through Saturday.  Mostly in the afternoon & evening. 

CLIMATE DATA:  We had an unusually cool Sunday morning with 53 at MGM.  Afternoon high was a very comfortable 84.  Look at the normals now:  89 and 65.  No rain at the airport.  There were some very widely scattered showers on the radar, but not many, 

TODAY:  Mostly sunny & nice.   High 84.  Northwest wind 6 to 12 mph.    Partly cloudy tonight.  Low 60. 


NEXT FEW DAYS:     Tuesday and Wednesday will feel more like summertime. We’ll be in the upper 80’s both days. Normal high/low 89 and 65.   Showers and storms return Wednesday through Saturday, mainly in the afternoon & evening hours.

BEACH FORECAST: Lots of families are on vacation this week. Beautiful holiday today.  Highs in the lower 80’s.  Low at night in the 60’s.  Comfortable humidity. Showers and thunderstorms return Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.   Moderate Rip Current Risk.  Yellow flags. 

COASTAL STORM CONTINUES:     That persistent, slow moving storm continues to meander just off the US East Coast.  It has ruined Memorial Day plans for thousands of families over a multi-state area. 

Thanks for reading this Blog this morning! I’ll have another update for you in the morning. Tomorrow morning, everything is back to normal, including Live on the radio and back on TV.   Enjoy this day and remember the reason for this day as we honor our fallen heroes!


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